Upcoming anthology news

So it turns out the anthology from Nightfall Publications has been delayed. From Shadows and Nightmares is now slated for a June release date, instead of the previously reported March publication date.

But that just means more time to get excited about the anthology.  Aside from my first published piece of fiction, “Fetch,” this anthology of the supernatural, the horrific and the paranormal will include tales from writers around the globe, including Japan and the UK.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, take a gander at the stories and authors appearing in the anthology.

“Penny Dreadful”                                 James Dorr

“Wedding Day Blues”                          Stacey Longo

“The Confession”                                 T.S. Charles

“The Red Blanket”                              Tamara Eaton

“‘Round Midnight”                              Quintin Peterson

“Harbinger”                                          Karyne Corum

“Delirium”                                             Jennifer Moore

“Rattlemaker”                                      Michael O’Neal

“Bobby Bumping”                                 Diana Arrelle

“The New House”                                 Michele Wyan

“Flush”                                                    Barry Rosenberg

“The Little Contractor Tool Kit”         Mark Lee Pearson

“The Furnace”                                       Hall Jameson

“First Date”                                            Jeffrey Wooten

“Room 116”                                            Joyce Frohn

“Fetch”                                                   Steve Coate

“A Ravening Beast”                              Janet Lorimer

“Moving Day”                                       Vince Darcangelo

“Edward”                                               Claire Rowland

“Aloysius Stratton”                               Anne Lessing

“Spider Silk and Banshee Hair”          Mae Empson

As the publication date approaches, I’ll share information on how folks can obtain a copy.

On the submissions front, I’ve sent in a new steampunk/western story to The Library of Science Fiction for a cross genre anthology called Liminality.

Next up, I’m working on a daikaiju tale.

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8 Responses to Upcoming anthology news

  1. Hello fellow From Shadows and Nightmares author. I’ll be looking forward to it too!

    James Dorr

  2. Looking forward to seeing your stories alongside mine…:)

  3. Michele Wyan says:

    Hi, Steve et. al,

    I’m Michele Wyan, another fellow anthology author. Looking forward to reading everyone’s stories.

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