From Shadows & Nightmares anthology available now

Received the anthology earlier this week in which my short story “Fetch” appears and haven’t had a chance to read it fully yet, but will add a more detailed post once I have done so.

I’m currently part way through Stacey Longo’s “Wedding Day Blues,” an interesting and humorous take on zombies.

You can find the anthology on Amazon or the Nightfall Publications website.

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4 Responses to From Shadows & Nightmares anthology available now

  1. ozmosis7 says:

    That cover is spectacular.

  2. Hi Steve. I enjoyed “Fetch,” and it was nice to see us back to back with my “Penny Dreadful” as the opener just before it. “Wedding Day Blues” is lots of fun too in its snarky way. There are a few typos in the book that shouldn’t have gotten there, but thus far (I’ve just finished “The Little Contractor Tool Kit”) it’s been quite the worthwhile read!

    • stevecoate says:

      Thanks, James. I enjoyed “Penny Dreadful” as well. It was the perfect beginning to the anthology. Looks like the second printing will take care of those typos.

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